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About Us

Mark Anthony Hyde is the director and business owner of Floor Choice Carpets Ltd. He began his time in the flooring trade at just 19 years old, supplying and fitting carpets to friends and family. Mark soon discovered his talent and passion for the trade and then found himself working as a contracted fitter for Carpet World, who were an international carpet company. He worked there for 5 years before leaving to be a sole trader as he had now gained vital experience in the flooring trade. In this new job role, Mark supplied and fitted carpets for Mulbury Homes covering the North and South of the country. A few years on, Mark realised that he now had the tools to set up his own flooring shop. So in 1999, he did just that.

Shortly after, in 2001, we gained a contract with P.Jones Homes North West. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength as we still, in 2020, are supplying and fitting all Jones Homes houses in the North West. As well as this, we have a huge customer retail base and many contract customers.

Floor Choice Carpets is expanding each and every year, that's why we have decided to start a brand new website for 2020. We are hoping to expand our customer base and contract work even further in the new decade by having a huge range of all flooring types with every colour/shade possible. We sell the most premium of floor covering ranges to the biggest bargains on the market, so there's something for everyone. Floor Choice also offer a fitting service with any floor covering purchased on the website. So if you would like any advice or would like more information on our fitting service, please don't hesitate to call or email us.